Hydrant Products

Excellence, Safety, & Quality

  • Japanese technology / Prices competitive with Chinese goods
  • Differences in finishing, 10x anti-dull & anti-scratch & anti-rust
  • 1 year guarantee
  • Resistant hose + 70C – 40C || 16 Bars Hold Work
  • Lightweight made of aluminum loy
  • Seals make the material resistant to pressure (leakage)
  • Products can be used for everyone, as light as possible


Keeping your building safe should be your prime goal. If you are looking to buy emergency equipment online, PT. Citra Makmur Bina Sahabat is certainly the best place to go to. We are providing an incredible collection of hydrant equipment that is designed to provide your home a complete safety. These kinds of equipment are built to supply sufficient pressure and desired flow delivered through pipes. If you are looking to install the best fire hydrant system in your building, you will definitely find our products useful.


We always focus on quality while providing the best valves to facilitate your needs for fire-fighting operations. A fire hydrant is designed to provide the best performance to satisfy your needs to deal with the fire hazards. It gives required pressure and water flow according to your floor area and building classification. We have a list of the fire hydrant to choose from according to your needs. Now, shop for our products and get the ultimate satisfaction with us.

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