Hydrant Products

Excellence, Safety, & Quality

  • Japanese technology / Prices competitive with Chinese goods
  • Differences in finishing, 10x anti-dull & anti-scratch & anti-rust
  • 1 year guarantee
  • Resistant hose + 70C – 40C || 16 Bars Hold Work
  • Lightweight made of aluminum loy
  • Seals make the material resistant to pressure (leakage)
  • Products can be used for everyone, as light as possible


Keep yourself alert and prepared when there is an emergency fire situation. We help you do that with the most effective fire hydrant system. The high quality and excellent Japanese technology ensures any fire accidents can be dealt with first hand. The hydrants are rust proof as well as scratch proof. They have shiny appearance that will catch the attention when an emergency situation arises.

The prices of these amazing fire hydrants are also competitive when compared to the other Chinese products. We also provide one year guarantee for the fire hydrant when you buy from us. This is light in weight so anyone can use it in case of a fire accident in the apartment or office. This can be used in residential or commercial premises. We are selling hydrants that are of top notch quality and best prices. So contact us as Safety comes first!