Flow Switch



Flow switch is a water flow sensor when the sprinkler works. Its function is to signal the system’s fire alarm when a sprinkler breaks. If there is a sprinkler broken inside the sprinkler system, there is an MCV (Main Control Valve) in which there is an alarm gong that can sound giving a fire notification. But the sound of the gong is only limited to the pump room area.


To have additional warnings, the flow switch works to give a fire signal to the fire alarm system, and activate the bell at the location of the fire. Our goods have UL & FM certification, can be set up delay active relay mechanically.


Type               : VSRF

Sensitivity     : 4-10 GPM

Max Press     : 31 bar

Size                : 2,5″ 3″ 4″ 6″ 8″

Brand             : Potter