Sprinkler Sidewall



Sidewall sprinkler is a type of sprinkler with a jet of water horizontally. Usually mounted on the wall / wall, with a horizontal beam direction. Installation of hotel or apartment rooms is set to focus on blackout mattresses. Can also be installed at the airport with the intention that if installed in a too high installation face must use k. big factor, certainly the price is also more expensive. We are always ready stock for the type of response standard, working temperature 68ºC, Size threat 1/2 ″ NPT.


Type                     : Sidewall

SIN                       : VK104

Part Number       : 12995FB

Min Pressure      : 0,5 bar

Max Pressure     : 12 bar

K. fac                   : 0,5 (80,6 metric)

Threat                  : NPT 1/2″

Glass Bulb          : 5mm 68ºC

Finishing             : Chrome