Sprinkler Upright



An upright sprinkler is mounting facing up. Usually installed in a parking area, or a non-roofed area. Why should you use an upright type, because during a fire a hotspot is always at its highest point, a maximum of 30 cm from the roof. When installed with a pendent type it is not effective because it has to wait for a new big fire to break its bulb. We are always ready stock for the type of response standard, working temperature 68ºC, Size threat 1/2 ″ NPT.


Type                      : Upright

SIN                        : VK100

Part Number        : 12986FB

Min Pressure       : 0,5 bar

Max Pressure      : 12 bar

K. fac                    : 0,5 (80,6 metric)

Threat                   : NPT 1/2″

Glass Bulb           : 5mm 68ºC

Finishing              : Chrome